The 2021 DPRM Banner

One way to support the DPRM is to display the physical banner in your office premises or the electronic banner on your official website and social media pages.

For other ways to participate, go to About the DPRM > Ways to Participate.

How to Use the DPRM Banner

The DPRM banner is available in English and in several Philippine languages. Just choose the version that best suits your area’s language preference. You may also translate the slogan in your local dialect.

1. The DPRM banners may be downloaded in JPEG format and in actual sizes (recommended size is 200 cm x 150 cm) from this URL: Alternatively, you may also get the file from

2. Open the JPEG file using Adobe Photoshop. The image (right) shows the English version.

3. Insert your agency/company’s logo at the top left portion of the banner and your agency/company name beside it as shown in the image.

4. The font styles used in the banner are also available in the abovementioned URL:

  • For the AGENCY/ORGANIZATION NAME: Montserrat SemiBold
  • For ‘joins the nation in celebrating the’: Montserrat Regular
  • For ‘19th Development Policy Research Month’: Montserrat Bold
  • For ‘September 2021’: Montserrat SemiBold
  • For the title (RESET AND REBUILD): Raleway ExtraBold

5. In case you’ll print the banner for display in your offices, we encourage you to use sustainable materials, which is in line with one of the subthemes of this year’s celebration. 

If you have questions, please email us at

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